Friday, February 8, 2013

OPI Haul!!

OPI has long been my favorite nail polish brand. I used to be all OPI all the time, because an old family friend worked for the company and when I was a little girl they would give me boxes and boxes of polish to play with. I still remember being obsessed with Bogota Blackberry, I probably still have a few black label bottles of it hiding somewhere in my house.
I have been eagerly anticipating Euro Centrale since I first saw the press release months ago.  I am proud to be of Eastern European descent, I am a mix of Hungarian, Czech and Russian, so a collection based on my heritage is just fabulous in my book!
I went to a beauty supply store by my work and found a complete Euro Centrale Display and a complete Oz display. I only purchased 4 from Euro Centrale and 1 from Oz, but I have a few in mind to go back for.

OPI.. Eurso Euro, Can't Find My Czechbook!, Don't Be Such A Budapest!, I Saw.. You Saw... We Saw...Warsaw

Don't Burst My Bubble (from Oz collection), I Juggle.. Men (from Soft Shades 2011 Collection)

I'm thinking about going back for, My Paprika Is Hotter Than Yours, Suzi's Hungary Again and Vant To Bite My Neck?  I have never purchased this many polished from one collection!! I can't wait to start swatting these. I already know I want to wear Eurso Euro first, so you'll be seeing that soon! Have you purchased anything from this collection? Should I add any more to my list?
While I haven't swatched, I did play around with some a cloud mani using OPI Step Right Up as my base, OPI Eurso Euro and Don't Be Such A Budapest! Love how well they go together.
*note- this did not photograph color accurate at all, both colors are far more blue based. I just loved the look and wanted to share :)

I also have some valentines nail art planned for this coming week, so check back to see that!

Stay Sparkly,


  1. Love the cloud mani...think we have similar tastes, I've chosen the same euros and just put my first one on my blog too!!!x

    1. thanks vanessa marie!! what's your blog address? i'd love to check it out :)