Sunday, February 5, 2017

Pastel Flower Nail Art

I have totally neglected my nails lately, but now that I'm interning at a middle school I decided to bring back some nail art in hopes of earning some cool points with my students. Spoiler alert, nobody noticed my nails :(
This mani is loosely inspired by armstrongnails, if you aren't following her yet... what are you waiting for?!?! I've been pretty exclusively wearing indie polishes lately, so to switch things up I used only OPI polishes for this mani.
Polishes Used:
My Boyfriend Scales Walls
Sunrise... Bedtime
Let's Be Friends
I Manicure For Beads
Kiss Me I'm Brazilian
My Dogsled Is A Hybrid

I'm seriously lacking nailspiration and motivation these days, share your fav nail instagrams with me in the comments :)

Stay Sparkly,

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year! 2017!!

Happy 2017 y'all! The past 2 years I've rocked Painted Polish for my New Years Mani (2015 and 2016), and even though Lexi didn't release a 2017 polish I still had to pull out a Painted Polish sparkly stunner for tonight. 
Painted Polish Midnight Mischief
Painted Polish Blinded by Bubbly
China Glaze Fairy Dust

My 2017 blogger resolutions include posting more often, growing my page, and expanding to include makeup focused posts in addition to the nail polish and nail art posts. 

What are your New Years resolutions?

Stay Sparkly,

Top 16 Polishes of 2016

In an attempt to keep this post "short" I'm not going to include any reviews additional details beyond the polish name. If you want to know more about a polish, let me know in the comments. I tried to split my picks evenly between mainstream and indie polishes, but at the end of the day I  still purchase way more mainstream than indie. OPI is still definitely my ride or die polish brand, but I broadened my indie polish knowledge this year and have a long list of brands I'd like to try, or try more from, in 2017.

Essie Off Tropic 

OPI Let's Be Friends

OPI My Pal Joey

OPI Shh... It's Top Secret

 OPI Stay Off The Lawn

OPI CIA=Color Is Awesome

OPI Having A Big Head Day

Zoya Finley

Zoya Merida

Bliss Polish Expecto Patronum

Colors by Llarowe Mighty Red Baron

Colors by Llarowe Love Actually

Nvr Enuff Unicorn Soul

Painted Polish Holo Blackout 

Painted Polish Love & Liberty

Stached Polish Malibu

What were some of your favorite polishes released this year? Let me know in the comments :)

Stay Sparkly,

Friday, December 30, 2016

Favorite Manis of 2016

I've admittedly slacked of on nails and nail art this year, but I still did some manis that I really loved. Here are my top pics from this year. To keep this post relatively short I'm not going to include mani details here, but I will link the original instagram post or blog post. 

Admittedly not the most traditional or wearable, this was the biggest nail art challenge for me. 

Hope you had a great 2016! See you next year :)

Stay Sparkly,

8 (minus 2) Crazy Nights of Hanukkah Nail Art

During this time of year Hanukkah nailspiration is hard to come by. I've compiled some Hanukkah themed nail art, both obvious and more subtle. Blue, silver, and gold lends itself perfectly to Hanukkah nail art, so I've included some color themed manicure. I tried to get 8 manis done, but time got away from me and I wanted to post this before Hanukkah ended.
Inspired by @justagirlandhernails
OPI My Pal Joey
OPI This Gown Needs A Crown
OPI Love.Angel.Music.Baby
Painted Polish Flirty & Frosty
Twinkled T Nail Vinyls

Painted Polish Boating in Blue Jeans
Painted Polish Flirty & Frosty
Painted Polish Tickle My Tinsel

OPI I Cannoli Wear OPI
OPI Give Me Space
Holo Hex Glitter

Painted Polish Boating in Blue Jeans
Painted Polish Tickle My Tinsel

Painted Polish Flirty & Frosty
Shop Keeki Water Decals

Inspired by @kellimarissa 
OPI Can't Find My Czechbook
Random Glitters

Happy Hanukkah! 

Stay Sparkly,

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate! To those who don't celebrate, I hope you are having a nice Sunday. This mani is completely inspired by Armstrongnails  on instagram.
OPI This Gown Needs A Crown
OPI Christmas Gone Plaid
OPI Stay Off The Lawn
OPI I'm So Swamped
OPI Got The Mean Reds
Silver Holo Glitter

Did Santa leave anything exciting under the tree for you?

Stay Sparkly,

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Hanukkah Polishes

Christmas polishes and nail art is all over this place this time of year, so I decided to find my favorite options(or potentially the only options) for Hanukkah polishes. These polishes aren't exactly my go to colors, but any time I see a Hanukkah themed or appropriate polish I have to snatch it up.
Colors by Llarowe Come Dance The Hora!

Rica I've Got a Whole Latke Love

This polish is stunning and I was so excited to see that Rica did an entire Hanukkah collection, but sadly my body chemistry does not work with Rica's polishes so I only picked up this one. 

Painted Polish Flirty & Frosty*

Painted Polish Tickle My Tinsel* (over white)
3 coats alone 

Are there any other Hanukkah polishes that you have seen? Let me know in the comments. 

Stay Sparkly,

*not specifically marketed as a Hanukkah polish, but the color scheme screams Hanukkah*