Sunday, September 9, 2018

OPI Peru Collection Fall 2018 Comparisons

As you saw in my previous post, this collection is not my favorite OPI has released lately, but as much as I was not interested in these colors I had a really hard time finding dupes.
If you missed my swatch post, you can find it here :)

Grandma Kissed a Gaucho (pointer/ring)vs Lost My Bikini in Molokini (pinky)vs Infinite Shine Grapely Admired (middle)
Obviously Molokini is not close at all. Gaucho is a crelly and is much warmer/more red toned of a purple. Grapely Admired is almost a dupe colorwise, it is slightly lighter and pinker. If you like colors like this, I would pick Grapely Admired over Gaucho due to the formula differences. I think this is probably pretty similar to some pre-existing OPI shades, but I don't own many of them because I am definitely not a purple polish person. This may also be close to I Manicure for Beads, but I no longer own that to compare.

Don't Toot My Flute (pointer/ring) vs Polly Want a Lacquer (middle/pinky)
These are similar in tone, but Flute is a tiny bit darker and more blue toned. I think this may also be similar to Do You Lilac It? but I don't own that to compare.

Lima Tell You About This Color (pointer/ring)vs Pink Ladies Rule The School (middle)vs Kiss Me I'm Brazilian (pinky)
Definitely not dupes. I think Lima could potentially be a dupe for Pink Friday from the Nicki Minaj collection from winter 2012. I also kind of feel like if you mixed Pink Ladies with Brazilian you would make Lima Tell You About This Color...

Lima Tell You About The Color (pointer)vs Suzi Will Quechua Later! (middle)vs
Seven Wonders of OPI (ring)vs  Somewhere Over the Rainbow Mountains (pinky)
I know these 4 aren't dupes, but since they are all in the same collection I wanted to see them directly compared to each other. I did 3 coats for all of these polishes, and I am glad to see they look more different on the nail than I expected. But real talk, I don't think I will keep any of these so check out my destash for these and more OPI and other brands.
Suzi Will Quechua Later may be close to Lucky Lucky Lavender and/or Purple Palazzo Pants, but I don't own that to compare. I also didn't have anything else that looked close to Seven Wonders of OPI and I couldn't think of a recent past OPI color that might be close to it. 

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Mountains (pointer/ring)vs Machu Peach-u (middle)
vs Don't Bossa Nova Me Around (pinky)
These are definitely not dupes. I found this color especially hard to dupe because I feel like it dries much darker and more purple toned on me than I expected it to. These polishes were less different in the bottle than they appear on the nail.

Machu Peach-u (middle) vs Climb Every Castle (pointer) vs
My Vampire is Buff (ring)vs Hopelessly Devoted to OPI (pinky)
I was honestly hoping this shade would be a dupe for Vampire as that has been my go to creamy nude polish for years and my bottle is very very low and kind of thick at this point, but these are definitely not dupes. None of these are dupes, but they were the potentially closest options in my collection. Seeing all of these next to each other, I actually like everything except for My Vampire is Buff. 

My Solar Clock is Ticking (pointer) vs I Love You Just Be-Cusco (middle)vs
Como se Llama? (ring)vs Yes My Condor Can-do! (pinky)
Again, I know these 4 aren't dupes, but as they are all new in this collection I wanted to see how they compare to each other. I did 3 coats of polish for all but Condor. I didn't have anything to compare with My Solar Clock is Ticking, but I think this may be close/dupes with Yank My Doodle from the Fall 2016 Washington DC/Kerry Washington collection. 

I Love You Just Be-Cusco (middle/pinky nails) vs Amore at the Grand Canal (pointer/ring nails)
These are really really really close, dare I say almost dupes on the nail.
Amore is slightly darker and more of a true red while Cusco is more dusty and brick toned.
Formula is really good on both. I think Cusco may also be close to Romantically Involved from the Winter 2012 50 Shades of Grey collection. 

Como se Llama? (middle/pinky nails) vs Can't Read Without My Lipstick (pointer/ring nails)
This color may be close/dupes with OPI Scores a Goal from the Spring/Summer 2014 Brazil collection but I do not own this anymore to compare the two. Lipstick is more berry toned than Llama, but they are decently close. Llama looks almost chocolate toned when shown directly next to this true deep berry red polish. 

Yes My Condor Can-do! (middle nail)vs Sleigh Parking Only (pointer nail)vs
Lincoln Park After Dark (ring nail)vs Guys and Galaxies (pinky nail)
Condor and Sleigh Parking are pretty much dupes, which is cool since Sleigh Parking is older and not easily accessible any longer. Galaxies is much more red toned rather than true deep/dusty purple where LPAD is more a blue toned dark purple comparatively.

Alpaca My Bags (pointer/ring)vs Ayahuasca Made Me Do It (middle/pinky)
I know Alpaca and Ayahuasca aren't dupes, but as they are both from this collection I wanted to compare them. I'm not sure if these are the most flattering colors on my, but they are 2 of my favorites from this collection. Both polishes have the same thin creme formula, I did 3 coats each for opacity. Even though the formula is thin it didn't pool and it self leveled really well.

If you are still interested in any of these polishes or anything else from please use my code "Sparkle & Polish" at check out so they know I sent you. 

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OPI Fall 2018 Peru Collection Swatches

You guys... this collection... yikes... To me this screams late 90's OPI and that is not a good thing. So much pink, beige, red... All of the stunning blues, teals, and greens that OPI has been pumping out lately are sorely missed here. Although this looks basic and there are some near dupes within the collection itself, I had trouble finding actual dupes in my own collection. OPI has been killing it lately with bold, bright, and fun collections and this just seems like a detour in the wrong direction.
Real talk, OPI did you make this collection in 1998 and lose it somehow and then just find it again when you moved offices? I won't judge... but like... OPI is that what happened? Not only are the colors super dated and old looking but the formulas are not on par with what OPI has been releasing lately. The formula is very reminiscent of 1990's era OPI polishes with the super thin formulas.

I purchased this collection from, they have very reasonable prices on OPI and other brands and also quick shipping. If you feel like picking up anything on their site feel free to use my code (Sparkle & Polish) at check out so they know I sent you.

Grandma Kissed a Gaucho
OPI describes this as"flirty purple". Yikes... a jelly... I do not like jelly polishes at all, and I do not like purple... This is no for me :( I did 3 thin coats here... Formula is okay, not too thin or goopy, I just do not like this at all. This polish, along with about half of this collection will be added to my destash shorty, hopefully someone else will enjoy this one since I don't.

Don't Toot My Flute
OPI calls this lilac and I would agree. This is a nice, basic pale purple with a good formula. I did 3 thin coats for opacity here.

Suzi Will Quechua Later!
OPI compares this shade to a "rose-tinted sunset", I think it's more of a dusty mid toned pinky purple.  This polish has one of the best formulas from this collection. I did 2 regular coats for opacity, the polish was nice and creamy and very easy to apply. Sadly I just do not like colors like this at all, but if you like pinks and purples I would recommend this because the formula is so nice.

Lima Tell You About This Color
OPI describes this as an "exciting new pink", I'm not so sure if thats really accurate... while I don't own a lot of pinks, I can tell you this looks very basic, not exciting, and dupe-able. Color is boring, but the formula is really nice. I did 2 regular coats for opacity. If you love pinks, well you probably already have a dupe of this, but if not I don't think you would be disappointed by this polish. 

Seven Wonders of OPI
OPI calls this mauve... I'm not sure I agree. Maybe closer to dusty purple toned nude? This is weirdly close to my skin tone so I don't think it is flattering on me, but the formula is pretty good. I did 2 coats for opacity. 

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Mountains
This is a super dusty pinky nude. Grandma chic. Total mannequin hands for me, and that is not a good look for me. I think this polish would be stunning on someone with a deeper skin tone, but for someone as pale and cool toned as me this is just not flattering. Formula is fine, I did 2 coats for opacity. Again not a bad polish, just not my personal taste. disclaimer- this polish photographed slightly more nude and less pink toned than it is in real life. 

Machu Peach-u
OPI describes this as"soft peach"... but this is literally beige. Maybe slightly peachy toned beige, but beige. This polish dries down a bit darker than in the bottle. Truthfully I prefer the bottle/wet polish color more than the dry color, but I like this shade a lot more than I thought I would. Weirdly enough, this polish applies much better using thicker coats rather than thinner ones, for that reason I did 2 regular coats for opacity. 

My Solar Clock is Ticking
This is definitely a "grandma" type shade, but I actually really like it. It is very subdued and subtle without being beige. This dusty light brick red took 2 thin coats for opacity. Formula was fantastic, if I did thicker coats I think this could have easily been a one-coater.

I Love You Just Be-Cusco
OPI call this a "romantic red"... I guess I would agree..? It is red, and red by default is a romantic color. It isn't the most exciting shade but I do really like it. To me this is a very classic OPI color. Love the color, love the formula, this is a favorite for me from this collection. I did 2 easy coats for opacity, formula was super easy to work with. Even though this is pretty boring, I love it.  

Como se Llama?
This is described as boastful burgundy... It is burgundy and quite pretty but the formula on this is not great. Sadly, this has one of the worst formulas of the collection. It is thin and strange. When I did my comparison swatch it was much hotter and I had the air conditioning on quite high. That time this polish was very gloopy. When I did the swatch it was cooler and I didn't have the air conditioner on and the polish was thin and runny. Very weird, not ideal... but I really love this color so I'm willing to work with a problematic formula.

Yes My Condor Can-do!
OPI describes this as purple. And yes it is technically purple, but it is a deep purple that somehow manages to look rich and slightly dusty at the same time. This is another one of my favorites from the collection. Formula is pretty meh, but again worth is for the color in my opinion.

Alpaca My Bags
OPI considers this a green, I would say this is much more of a dusty teal with green undertones. This doesn't have the typical OPI creme formula, but while it was thinner than I prefer it applied really easily and smoothly. I did 3 thin coats for opacity. I wore this shade as a full mani for a job interview and I GOT THE JOB!! so obviously this is my favorite from the whole collection :)

Ayahuasca Made Me Do It (Ulta Exclusive)
This dusty mid toned green is the only store exclusive I picked up from this collection and it is by far one of my top picks from this collection. The formula is thin but really easy to work with. It doesn't pool or drag, I used 3 thin coats for perfect opacity.

Normally this is where you would find dupes and comparisons, but since this post was already pretty long I'll be making a separate post for those. You can find them HERE
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Monday, July 16, 2018

Beach Nail Art

So it's the third challenge for #glamnailschallenge july hosted by @glamnailschallenge on instagram... and I'm already behind. So the third challenge is water nail art and the fourth challenge is starfish, so naturally I'm playing catch up by combining them... and I was still late. Yikes I am not cut out for monthly challenges haha. This mani was inspired by @adelislebron.

Polishes used:
OPI Fearlessly Alice
OPI Toucan Do It If You Try
OPI Got Myself in to a Jam-balaya
Envy Lacquer Sunset Sands
Painted Polish Champagne O'Clock

Stay Sparkly,

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

4th of July Nail Art

Today is July 4th, or Independence Day if you are here in the United States. So obviously I had to do something red, white, and blue. Also, for #glamnailschallengejuly on instagram today called for nautical nails so I combined the two themes.
Polishes used:
OPI Tell Me About It, Stud
OPI Set Apart by Tile Art
OPI Tile Art to Warm Your Heart
Painted Polish by Lexi Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Holo
Shop Keeki Anchor water decal

Stay Sparkly,

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Rainbow Leopard Print OPI Nail Art

Another month, another attempt to get back in to nail art by trying to complete an instagram challenge... As I am off for the summer, there is actually a chance this time that I can complete this month's challenge. This is the first prompt from @glamnailschallenge, rainbow nails! I haven't done leopard print nail art in forever, even though it used to be my go to and is still a favorite of mine.
Polishes used:
KB Shimmer Eyes White Open
OPI Tell Me About It Stud
OPI Summer Lovin' Having a Blast
OPI Met a Boy Cute As Can Be (mixed with a little of Summer Lovin')
OPI I'm Sooo Swamped
OPI Rich Girls & Po' Boys
OPI Lost My Bikini in Molokini
OPI Never Have Too Mani Friends

My KB Shimmer Eyes White Open is pretty old and thick at this point, but it's the only white polish that I currently own... do you have any recommendations for a new white polish to buy or should I just repurchase this KB Shimmer one? 

Stay Sparkly,

Sunday, June 3, 2018

OPI Grease Collection Summer 2018 Swatches and Comparisons

While this collection doesn't scream inventive or mind-blowing, it does totally scream GREASE to me! And if you have followed me for a while, you know yummy OPI creme polishes are my jam and this collection is full of them. I ordered this collection from and was super impressed with the customer service. I placed my order on a Sunday night, received my shipping notification the next day and my polishes arrived Wednesday. I had never ordered from before due to their shipping costs, but they have recently updated their shipping fees to be less cost prohibitive. From what I remember it used to be a flat rate of around $10 per order no matter what, now for 1-2 polishes it is $4, 3-4 is $5, and 5 or more is $8. I picked up all 12 polishes from the main collection, but decided not to buy the 3 leather like textured polishes as I know I would not like or use them.

Pink Ladies Rule the School
Fun fact- I played a Pink Lady in an end of the year play when I was 12, sadly similar to this polish it was not a good look on me. Mid toned cool pinks like this are just not flattering on my skin tone. While the color is not my favorite, the formula is really nice so if you like pinks like this you will not be disappointed. This polish dries very shiny, but slightly darker than in the bottle.

You're the Shade That I Want
This is not the shade that I want, but this formula is so amazing that I will hang on to this cool toned pinky fuchsia polish. 2 thin coats for opacity, but if I did thicker coats it would easily have been a one coat wonder. I see this polish being a great transitional shade for end of summer to early fall. It photographed slightly warmer than it appears in person. 

Tell Me About it, Stud
This is a yummy, juicy looking red that is super shiny without having a jelly formula. I know this isn't a unique shade, but this color and formula will keep me coming back for more. This color fits perfectly within this collection and totally matches the inspiration but it doesn't really scream summer to me. I don't usually wear such cool toned reds, but I do really like this one. Just a warning, this polish is a stainer. I had some light staining even though I had on base coat and only wore this polish for about 20 minutes.

Summer Lovin' Having a Blast!
I feel like I have Easy Mac or Cheeto powder on my nails. On my skin tone this shade is just not cute at all. Formula is fine, 3 easy thin coats for opacity and the polish was very smooth and easy to control. If you like bright orange polish, I say pick this one up because it is objectively a good one.

Hopelessly Devoted to OPI
This is my kind of pinky polish. Give me a peachy warm pink over a barbie pink any day. Smooth, easy formula that I did 3 thin coats for opacity. I definitely see myself reaching for this polish in the coming summer months because I love how it emphasizes the tiny tan that I have. 

Meet a Boy, Cute as Can Be
Hello lobster fingers :(
This shade took 3 thin coats for creamy opacity, but I probably could have gotten away with 2 medium coats. As much as I hate yellow on my skin, this formula doesn't suck. If I have to wear yellow, this type of buttery pastel shade would be the way to go. This also dries super shiny, my swatch is without top coat. 

Don't Cry Over Spilled Milkshakes
3 thin coats of this pale milky green polish. Like this is almost white with just the smallest hint of green. The formula is alright, but it self levels really well. I'm a big fan of white/off-white polishes, I love how bright and clean it looks on the nail. I took a pic of this mani against a stark white background so you can really see the green undertones.

Was It All Just a Dream?
3 thin perfect coats here. Is it any surprise that is my favorite polish from this collection? I have already rocked this as a full mani a few times since buying this collection.

Teal Me More, Teal Me More
I did 2 thin coats for opacity, but if you do thicker coats this could easily be a one coat wonder... but be warned, this beauty is a stainer. This is another color that I think is the perfect transitional shade from summer to fall. As much as I adore this, I don't think this is a summer shade or really a Grease shade.... even if the name is freaking adorable. 

Chills Are Multiplying!
I did 2 thin/regular coats for opacity here. This is one of the 2 oddballs in this collection. Upon first glance this polish seems like a royal blue crelly with electric blue shimmer but upon swatching I would say the base is more deep teal than deep ultramarine but the shimmer makes it look more blue/purple. The shimmer is very hidden with this polish appearing like a traditional creme unless you look really closely and in the right light. I surprised myself by actually liking this polish.

Frenchie Likes to Kiss?
I used 3 medium coats for opacity here. This polish is pretty thin, but it needs to be for the shimmer to show at all. This pale lilac polish has a stunning bright pinky-purple shimmer that sadly doesn't transfer much to the nail. I'm not a huge shimmer person so that doesn't really both me. 
I surprisingly really liked this polish. 

Danny & Sandy 4 Ever!
I am a dark/black/gray polish lover, but sadly this was my least favorite polish from the collection. This slate gray jelly base totally full of silver micro flakies is just not my cup of tea. It looks nice on, but removal was not fun, those little flakies are not easy to get off so paint carefully with this one.

I tried a different style for comparisons with the Lisbon collection and I didn't love it, for this collection I'm going to go back to my previous method of doing comparison swatches on my nails rather than using the swatch sticks.

Pink Ladies Rule the School (middle/pinky nails) vs Got Myself into a Jambalaya (ring/pointer nails)
I really don't have anything to compare to this one as I don't gravitate towards pinks like this. These are obviously not dupes, and they both photographed warmer and brighter than they appear in real life. From looking at swatches, I think this could be very similar to Tagus In That Selfie (Lisbon Collection Fall 2017), Excuse Me, Big Sur (California Dreaming Collection Summer 2017), and maybe even What's The Double Scoop? (Retro Summer 2016). 

You're the Shade That I Want (middle/pinky nails) vs Madam President (pointer/ring nails)
These are definitely not dupes, but I don't have an extensive collection of pinks so it was the closest that I personally have. Just because I couldn't dupe this doesn't mean an OPI dupe isn't out there somewhere. Neither of these are really my kind of color, but they both have amazing formulas.

Tell Me About it Stud (middle/pinky nails) vs Love is in My Cards (pointer nail) vs Adam Says "It's New Years, Eve" (ring nail)
Colorwise these are all pretty much dupes, but the formulas are different. Adam says is marginally brighter, but if I wore this comparison as a mani I doubt anyone would notice that it isn't all the same polish. Love is in My Cards is the most opaque and creamy, Adam says was very opaque but annoyingly thin, and Stud is almost a crelly, drying very squishy looking.

Summer Lovin' Having a Blast!(middle/pinky nails) vs Santa Monica Beach Peach(pointer/ring nails)
Not dupes, and I definitely prefer SM Beach Peach to Summer Lovin'. Formula is better, but Summer Lovin' is just not the most flattering shade on my nails. Truthfully, both of these shades make my skin look a little dead so I should probably not reach for these until Halloween ;)

Hopelessly Devoted to OPI (middle nail) vs A Great Opera-tunity (pointer nail)vs I'll Have a Gin & Tectonic (ring nail) vs Barking Up The Wrong Sequoia (pinky nail)
Hopelessly Devoted is the odd polish out here and definitely my favorite of the 4. I seriously can't believe that the other 3 are basically dupes for each other. Of all of these polishes, I really only like Hopelessly Devoted to OPI. I think I may keep I'll Have a Gin & Tectonic because the formula is really nice, but the other 2 are off to my destash

Meet a Boy, Cute as Can Be (middle/pinky nail) vs China Glaze Whip It Good (pointer/ring nail)
I know I always try to compare OPI with OPI, I do not have any other OPI yellow polishes, thought I think Cute as Can Be is probably pretty close to OPI One Chic Chick (Soft Shades 2016). These are definitely not dupes, OPI is much creamier and pastel while the ChG is much more neon. For being light yellows, both of these have pretty good formulas requiring 3 thin coats each. 

Don't Cry Over Spilled Milkshakes (middle nail) vs Suzi Chases Portu-geese (pointer nail) vs Set Apart by Tile Art (ring finger nail) vs My Boyfriend Scales Walls (pinky nail)
These are definitely not dupes, but Boyfriend and Milkshakes are definitely the closest. When shown in comparison like this the subtle undertones really stand out. Milkshake looks almost pale green here, but alone it looks whiter. 

Was It All Just a Dream? (middle/pinky nails) vs Can I Bairro This Shade? (ring nail) vs Closer Than You Might Belem (pointer nail)
I totally expected Dream and Bairro to be exact dupes and am pleasantly surprised that they aren't. Dream is what I think you would get if you mixed Bairro and Belem together. Even though none of these are dupes and I do love all of them, I'm kind of bummed that OPI released all 3 within a few months of each other... come one OPI, you can be more creative than this...

Teal Me More, Teal Me More (middle/pinky nail) vs Fly (pointer nail) vs Is The a Spear In Your Pocket? (ring nail)
You cannot convince me that Teal Me More and Spear are not the exact same polish. These are both color and formula dupes. As much as I like this color, I definitely do not need both of these. Fly is much lighter on the nail and is a thinner formula, but all 3 polishes were opaque in 2 coats.

Chills Are Multiplying! (middle/pinky nail) vs Umpires Come Out At Night (pointer nail) vs Give Me Space (ring nail)
Obviously these are not even close to being dupes, but they are the only polishes I have that are remotely similar in color. Off the top of my head I can't think of anything that would be a true dupe for Chills Are Multiplying, and while it isn't my favorite nail polish finish I do appreciate an original when I see one. 

Frenchie Likes to Kiss? (middle and pinky nails) vs Purple Palazzo Pants (pointer nail) vs I'm Gown for Anything (ring finger nail)
Frenchie and Gown are pretty much the same shade, but the pinky toned shimmer in Frenchie sets it apart. Due to the shimmer, Frenchie has a thinner formula, I needed 3 coats for opacity here while I only needed 2 of Gown. PPP is the odd man out here, it is much deeper and my least favorite of the 3.

Danny & Sandy 4 Ever! (middle/pinky nails) vs Coalmates (pointer/ring nails)
In the bottle and on the nail these look darn near identical, but Coalmates has tiny little holo glitters that Danny & Sandy doesn't have. Pretty sure the everything else is the same except for the glitters added in to the base. The formula is the same, but I prefer Coalmates due to the subtle holo glitters. 

If you decide to purchase this collection or anything else from, let them know I sent you by selecting "Sparkle & Polish" at check out  :)

Stay Sparkly,