Sunday, February 3, 2013

China Glaze Blue Sparrow Neon

I have been going back and forth about buying this polish for a while, and then this morning I wandered into Sally Beauty and saw a big red sticker proclaiming LAST CHANCE stuck on this particular shade and several other ChG polishes.  I don't know if that means these colors are being discontinued by ChG or if Sally's is just deciding to no longer carry these particular colors.
I was a little too antsy to try Blue Sparrow so I applied it to my current mani, Chanel Blue Rebel, a deep grayed out navy.  This polish dried incredibly fast and matte, but the glitter really comes to live with top coat.

I can't wait to try this polish on its own! I foresee myself wearing this a lot during the summer months! It is like a blue version of Ruby Pumps, absolutely fabulous!!

Here is a list of the other polished that are last chance colors.
-Black Mesh Crackle
-Lightning Bolt Crackle
-Platinum Pieces Crackle
-Tarnished Gold Crackle
-Sea Spray
-White Cap
-Watermelon Rind
-Tree Hugger
-Designer Satin
-Blue Iguana
I'm still thinking about going back for Watermelon Rind and Sea Spray!  Will you be heading to Sally's to pick up any of these polishes incase they are being discontinued?

Stay Sparkly,

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