Saturday, February 15, 2014

Saturday Spam- Valentines Edition

And I'm back again! This time I hope it sticks. I have posts already prepped…. now if only I could figure out how to schedule them haha :)

Hope you all had a great Valentines Day!

Here are a few of my favorite pink polishes. I am a huge fan of pink polish in theory, I'm always drawn to them… but I don't actually enjoy wearing them that much… Quite the conundrum :)
Anyways, how can I celebrate valentines day without embracing pink for a little bit!

OPI Mod About You
3 thin coats. milky pale pink

China Glaze Dance Baby
3 thin coats. blue based bubble gum pink 

OPI Suzi's Hungary Again
2 coats. a medium, bright pink with a subtle shimmer

Chanel Tapage
2 coats. could be a 1 coater with more careful application. rich, creamy bright red based pink. 

OPI Love Is A Racket
2 coats. amazing lit from within formula. a warm pinky-red with golden toned glass flecks 

Zoya Blaze
3 coats. squishy raspberry jelly filled with holo flecks. 

If you would like a more in depth review of any of these polishes, let me know.

Will you be wearing pink polish for Valentine's Day?

I'd love to know your favorite pinks :)

Stay Sparkly,


  1. Nice pinks! There pretty. I own quite a few but there not my favorite to wear all the time too.

    1. Thanks Lisa! Quite the polish-oholic problem haha :)