Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sinful Colors Comparisons pt 1

Sinful Colors Mad About Hue vs Chanel Rodeo Drive
pinky and middle                            pointer and ring
Based on the first coats alone, Sinful Colors seems much more opaque. The chanel also has fine silver shimmer running though it that is very apparent on the first coat, giving it an almost frosted appearance.
Very similar in terms of base color but the Chanel seems almost dulled due to the shimmer. Sinful Colors has a more opaque formula, requiring 3 coats while Chanel needed 4. These are similar, but clearly not dupes. As much as it pains me to say, I think I prefer the Sinful Colors…

Sinful Colors Baby Blues vs OPI Don't Be Such A Budapest
pinky and middle                          pointer and ring
From the first coat, both polishes are very sheer but the OPI formula is far less streaky. It took 3 coats of OPI, 4 coats of sinful colors to reach matching opacity. Both polishes have the same very faint silver glass flecks. While these aren't prefect dupes, I'd say you don't need both. SC is slightly lighter/creamier/white based while OPI has more of a gray undertone.

Sinful Colors Violets Are Blue vs Essie Rock The Boat
pink and middle                             pointer and ring
These are much more similar in the bottle than on the nail, outside of being pastel glass fleck polishes, I would say they are totally not dupes. SC is much more periwinkle toned and has more/bigger glass flecks. Essie is much lighter and more true pale blue, without the purple undertones. The e\Essie glass fleck is much more subtle. Formula wise, i prefer the sinful colors, it is much more opaque, but color wise I prefer the Essie. For matching opacity it took 3 coats of Sinful Colors and 4 coats of Essie.

Sinful Colors Pink Poppys vs China Glaze Fuchsia Fanatic
pinky middle                             pointer ring
These polishes are both so bright they totally freaked out my camera, so apologies for the terrible photo quality.  Clearly these are not dupes, in terms of formula the China Glaze is a pure cream polish while the Sinful Colors has a pearlized shimmer and is slightly lighter. While both have pretty great formulas, I can't stand the shimmer in the Sinful Colors polish (not to mention the glaringly awful spelling/grammar in the polish name), but that is a personal preference. If you are a pink lover I say you need this polish.

I'll be back with part 2 of the comparisons tomorrow. If there are any other color comparisons you want please let me know and I'll swatch what I can.

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  1. Great comparison post! Some of these shades look very similar to one another too. Its great to see that you can possibly find a more affordable version of it through Sinful Colors :)