Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sinful Colors Mod In Bloom Collection

This is the first collection that I've ever bought every single polish from!! I was so excited when I first saw pictures of this on Nouveau Cheap and proceeded to stalk a few different stores until I found it! I think the cashier thought I was crazy coming up to the counter with 8 polishes in my hands… but it was so worth it!

When I grabbed these I assumed they were all creams… from looking at them more closely I see that is not the case.

Pink Poppys (this name, gag!!)
3 thin coats. Bright magenta with a subtle silvery/pearl shimmer. The shimmer is much more noticeable on the nail that I thought it would be. Formula is more thin/sheer than I expected. The first coat looked very dull and almost frosty, but each additional coat brightened the base color and subdued the shimmer.  Good formula, but I just don't love the color or the finish.

Cream Soda
Pale melony-orange with a subtle flecked shimmer (see second picture for a glimpse of the shimmer), similar to the shimmer Essie is so known for. The first coat was very sheer but with 3 coats it was creamy and opaque. Thin but not difficult to manage formula. Pulls very pinky/peach on me, a surprise love for me.

Daisy Daze
A pale buttery yellow cream. 3 thin coats. really amazing formula considering its a pale crelly yellow polish.  Also, a surprise favorite for me. I initially wasn't going to get this one, but i'm really glad i did.  Very much a white based yellow which makes it more flattering on my skin tone.  I can see myself using this for some great spring/easter nail art.

Nice Stems
3 thin coats.  Pale minty green with an extremely subtle/hidden silver shimmer that pulls very blue on me.  Pretty opaque formula for this collection, but i do extremely thin coats so it needed 3.  Formula isn't the best, for such a "me" color (that I probably have 5 dupes for) I had higher hopes.  That being said, I've actually already worn this as a full manicure, can't say no to this color.

Bright Lucite
3 coats. Pale baby blue creme. Potentially a dupe for the ever elusive OPI Whats With The Cattitude, which unfortunately I don't own so I can't compare the two. The first coat was sheer and pretty streaky, the formula as a whole isn't ideal, its pretty thick and doesn't self level well.  But I love this color so much that its worth it to me.

Violets Are Blue
3 thin coats. Light periwinkle blue shade chock full or silvery glass flecks. I love the color, but for my personal preferences I wish it was a cream. I just don't love the look of this many glass flecks, but for the formula alone I say get this. this has a totally perfect formula though, thin but amazingly manageable. the polish stays exactly where you put it, self levels beautifully and just builds to opacity perfectly.

Baby Blues
3 coats. A light purple shade (contrary to the name) with the a very subtle glass fleck. Thin, easy formula.  Very subtle and pretty, a great shade for spring.  Another favorite for me.

Mad About Hue
3 coats. A bright red based lavender cream, radiant orchid aka pantone color of 2014 for sure. Really good formula, but unfortunately these red based purples are just not flattering on me.  This will definitely be good for nail art so I'm really glad to have this shade in my collection.

I'll be doing a comparison post for these shades. Please leave any comparison ideas/requests in the comments :)

Stay Sparkly,


  1. Some great shades in this collection! So pretty :)

    1. Thanks Lisa! Isn't this a perfect spring collection :)