Sunday, February 23, 2014

Glitter Half Moons

I am loving the look of glitter placement nails, this style was inspired by @carlysisoka on instagram, if you aren't already following her you are missing out.  This is 3 easy coats of Chanel Cosmic, from the FNO 2013 Collection, followed by a individually placed glitters from China Glaze Techno (holo hex glitter), OPI I Snow You Love Me (round holo glitter), ELF Enchanted (white hex glitter) and LA Girls Glitter Addict Explosion (silver hex glitter).

This mani makes me want to put on a slinky black dress and go out on the town! I feel so glam and classy with these nails.

I am completely obsessed with this and can't wait to play around with other glitter placement styles and manicures. if you want to see some crazy amazing glitter placement check out Polish All The Nails, she is so freaking talented and patient, I just can't.

For those of you that do glitter placement, where do you order your loose glitter? I'm looking for more sizes/styles to add to my collection and would love recommendations :)

Stay Sparkly,

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  1. These look very elegant. I haven't really played much with loose glitter but I should. These turned out nice :)