Friday, February 21, 2014

Sinful Colors Comparisons Pt. 2

Sinful Colors Cream Soda vs Chanel Orange Fizz
pinky and middle                      pointer and ring
Totally not dupes. Chanel is much brighter and lacks the glass flecks that Cream Soda has. It took 3 coats of each to reach opacity.  Completely different, but the shades look amazing together. They would make a great gradient!

Sinful Colors Daisy Daze vs Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow
pinky and middle                   pointer and ring
The Sinful Colors is a much lighter, more buttery yellow while the Sally Hansen is more bold, in your face yellow.  Even though the SC is lighter, it has a far better formula than the Sally Hansen. I also prefer the color of the Sinful Colors on my skin. This is officially the most wearable yellow I've ever tried.  If you can find Daisy Daze (or I think Sinful Colors Unicorn is a dupe or very similar at least) you should snatch it up, my favorite yellow ever!

Sinful Colors Nice Stems vs Zoya Wednesday vs China Glaze For Audrey
pinky and middle                   ring                           pointer
Wednesday and For Audrey have far better, more smooth and opaque formulas.  Wednesday is darker, dustier and greener. For Audrey is a similar tone, but it bluer. Nice Stems is what I would call a lighter version of Wednesday, with their greener and slightly dusty undertones. These three are definitely not dupes.  I love colors like these, so I think all three are must haves!  Even though Nice Stems doesn't have the best formula, its certainly not worth skipping it because of that, a little extra effort makes it so worth it!

Sinful Colors Bright Lucite vs Dior Porcelaine vs Sally Hansen CSM Barracuda
pinky and middle                      ring                       pointer
Not dupes at all. The Sinful Colors is brighter and less white based, it also has the best formula. Porcelaine is extremely pale and creamy, I love this color so much but I wish it had better formula. Barracuda is a mix of the two, not as stark as Porcelaine but not as bright as Bright Lucite.  I just adore all 3 of these, I can see myself using all of them over and over again.

Sinful Colors Bright Lucite vs Chrome Girl Barely Legal vs Sally Hansen Breezy Blue
pinky and middle                       ring                                         pointer
Not dupes.  Breezy Blue is much lighter and has a fine pearly shimmer. Barely Legal is a hair lighter, brighter and more white based. Barely Legal has an amazing formula, with more careful application it could probably be a one coater.  Bright Lucite is probably easier to find than Barely Legal, so I say if you spot it you need to snatch it up.  I love all 3 of these, and I'm really glad they aren't dupes!

Hope you enjoyed my first comparison series! I'm really surprised that there were no clear dupes in either post. I assumed I would have no trouble duping it within my collection, I'm very happy to add all of these gorgeous Sinful Colors to my collection.

Stay Sparkly,

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  1. Great comparisons! They might not be dupes but at least their kind of like alternatives to them :)