Saturday, March 23, 2013

Challenge Updates

So I totally dropped the ball of the two challenges I was working on... so naturally I would find another challenge to attempt for April, May and maybe June... Yupp I'm feeling a bit crazy for this... but it's a Disney challenge and I love Disney!
Here is a link to the original post of the challenge:
Here is a list of what the themes are- I may skip the last month because quite honestly I don't really like Pixar..

April 4th; Alice in wonderland
April 8th; The Jungle Book
April 11th; The Fox and the Hound
April 15th; The little Mermaid
April 18th; Beauty and the Beast
April 22nd; Bambi
April 25th; The Lion King
April 29th; Tangled
May 2nd; 101 Dalmations
May 6th; Tarzan
May 9th; Lady and the Tramp
May 13th; Jasmine
May 16th; Snow White
May 20th; Mulan
May 23rd; Belle
May 27th; Sleeping beauty/Princess Aurora
May 30th; Ariel
June 3rd; Cinderella
June 6th; Tiana
June 10th; Toy Story
June 13th; Wall-E
June 17th; Brave
June 20th; Up
June 24th; Finding Nemo
June 27th; A bugs life
July 1st; Cars
July 4th; Monsters, inc. 
July 8th; The Incredibles

I realize this is a crazy long challenge, but I am on spring break right now so I am trying to do a few of the days in advance, while keeping in mind with ones my students would probably like so I can save those for when school resumes.

Thanks for sticking by me.

Stay Sparkly,

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