Thursday, September 15, 2016

OPI Spring 2016 Alice Through The Looking Glass

Super late to the party with these swatches. If you follow my instagram then you've likely already seen these pics, summer got away from me and I really neglected my nails/blog/ig. I didn't do comparison swatches like I normally do for OPI collections, but if you would like to see those let me know in the comments.

I'm Gown For Anything
This is a pale, dreamy purple with a flawless formula. When OPI gets pastel colors right, they get them so right. This has the flawless cream formula that I have come to expect from OPI. 

Fearlessly Alice
This bright blue cream is beautiful! I had to pair it with an accent of the cult classic Absolutely Alice from the Spring 2010 OPI collection.

The I's Have It
3 not so dreamy coats. I love this color, but I did not love the formula. 

Having A Big Head Day
This could absolutely be a one-coater if I used thicker coats, but with thin coats it is 2 easy coats. I had to save my favorite for last. This has replaced Vodka and Caviar as my favorite red OPI polish of all time! The color and formula of this polish is flawless. When I know OPI is capable of making perfect polishes like this it makes it harder for me to forgive the formula duds like The I's Have It :(

What polish from this collection was your favorite? Let me know in the comments.

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