Friday, September 2, 2016

OPI Retro Summer 2016 Swatches and Comparisons

I only picked up 3 polishes from this collection, but --spoiler alert-- I wish I had skipped them all :( Come on OPI, you can do formulas so much better than this!

What's The Double Scoop
 Three kind of meh coats. It is a pretty color, but I don't see myself reaching for it much because the formula is pretty terrible. 

Sailing and Nail-ing
This is three gloopy coats. I'm so bummed on this polish because it is my favorite kind of color. 

This is 3 coats. The first time I wore this polish, it applied it over a sticky base coat and the mani was a gloopy mess. When I applied it for this swatch photo I used a regular base coat and it applied so much better. But my bottle has some random black specks in it, there is a small speck on my pointer finger here, but when I wore this as a full mani there were multiple fingers with little black specks.

OPI What's The Double Scoop vs China Glaze Spring In My Step
OPI is on pointer and ring finger, ChG is on middle and pinky. These are definitely not dupes, but to be honest both have pretty crappy formulas. If you love this kind of color, I would recommend the ChG over the OPI just because of the color.

OPI Sailing and Nail-ing vs OPI It's A Boy vs OPI Gelato On My Mind
Sailing is on my middle and pinky fingers, Boy is on my ring finger and Gelato is on my pointer finger. These all look similar in the bottle, but clearly they aren't dupes. I love this color so I think they are all different enough to own, but formula wise Gelato is my favorite.

OPI SPF XXX vs OPI Can't Afjord Not To vs OPI Toucan Do It If You Try
SPF is on my middle and pinky fingers, Afjord is on my ring finger, and Toucan is on my pointer finger. These are all crazy close, but not exact dupes. SPF XXX has much more white in the base, Toucan is a bit more pink toned, while Afjord leans more orange than the others.

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