Saturday, December 24, 2016

Hanukkah Polishes

Christmas polishes and nail art is all over this place this time of year, so I decided to find my favorite options(or potentially the only options) for Hanukkah polishes. These polishes aren't exactly my go to colors, but any time I see a Hanukkah themed or appropriate polish I have to snatch it up.
Colors by Llarowe Come Dance The Hora!

Rica I've Got a Whole Latke Love

This polish is stunning and I was so excited to see that Rica did an entire Hanukkah collection, but sadly my body chemistry does not work with Rica's polishes so I only picked up this one. 

Painted Polish Flirty & Frosty*

Painted Polish Tickle My Tinsel* (over white)
3 coats alone 

Are there any other Hanukkah polishes that you have seen? Let me know in the comments. 

Stay Sparkly,

*not specifically marketed as a Hanukkah polish, but the color scheme screams Hanukkah*

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