Wednesday, October 5, 2016

OPI Washington DC Fall 2016 Collection Swatches and Comparisons

OPI fall collections are pretty much always my favorite. I was pretty disappointed by the 2015 fall collection, but this most recent collection is really stunning! I love a classic cream polish, and this collection was full of that kind of perfect polish. I didn't pick up all of the polishes, but I did grab my favorite 6 shades from the collection.
Shh... It's Top Secret
Two creamy perfect coats. In the bottle it looks like a pretty basic deep brown, but on the nail it becomes a deep vampy brown with cool toned purple undertones. Its like the vampy older sister to classic OPI polishes like I Sao Paolo Over There and You Don't Know Jacques. I can already tell that this polish is going to become one of my new favorite fall vampy shades. 

Stay Off The Lawn
Two creamy perfect coats. I absolutely adore this polish! Potentially taking the place of OPI Christmas Gone Plaid as my favorite green polish ever!

Madam President
This isn't a super exciting color, but the formula is amazing. This is opaque in one coat, and I didn't even do a thicker coat than normal. If you have a lot of pink shades maybe you can skip this one, but my collection is seriously lacking in pinks so I'm glad to have one with such a perfect formula. 

By Popular Vote
This is a pretty color. It is a basic color. Do I think you need this? No. It has a perfect formula so if pink is your thing then you should pick this color up. I did 2 thin coats for depth of color, but if you do thicker coats this would probably be a 1 coater. 

We The Female
2 thinner coats were all this polish needed for opacity. I love this color, it is perfect for fall! Unfortunately the formula was kind of meh for me. It wasn't thin or runny at all, but it was kind of gloopy of the second coat and when it dried I had some bubbling :(

CIA=Color Is Awesome
2 perfect creamy coats for this stunner. I love this color. 

OPI Shh... It's Top Secret vs OPI Lincoln Park After Dark
 Shh on middle and pinky fingers, LPAD on pointer and ring fingers. It is hard to tell in the pics, but I promise these are not dupes, but they are so similar that if you aren't a huge fan of deep vampy colors you definitely don't need both. LPAD is much more plummy, while Shh has more grayed out or taupey purple undertones.

OPI Stay Off The Lawn vs OPI Jade Is The New Black vs Essie Off Tropic vs China Glaze Exotic Encounters
Lawn is on my middle finger, Jade is on my pinky finger, Essie is on my pointer finger and ChG is on my ring finger. These are clearly not dupes, but I love how they look all together. Something worth noting is that all of the comparison polishes have major pigment settling/ugly bottle syndrome. I'm curious to see if Stay Off The Lawn will develop the same ugly bottle syndrome the longer that I have it.

OPI Madam President vs China Glaze Fuchsia Fanatic
OPI on pointer and ring fingers, ChG on middle and pinky fingers. Admittedly I am not the biggest hot pink fan, so I didn't have much to compare it to but I think this is a very dupable shade. These are clearly not dupes, and I much prefer the OPI for color and formula.

OPI By Popular Vote vs OPI Just Beclaus vs OPI Amore At The Grand Canal
Vote is on my pointer and ring finger, Beclaus is on my middle finger and Amore is on my pinky. Definitely not dupes, but all 3 are nice, fall appropriate shades with awesome formulas. 

We The Female vs OPI Just A Little Rosti At This 
Female on pointer and ring finger. Rosti on middle and pinky. These are straight up dupes, if you have one you really do not need the other. I think Rosti has a slightly better formula, but they are dupe city. 

Also because the berry/red shades in this collection are pretty similar, here is a comparison of all 3. 
Female on middle finger, Vote on ring finger and President on pinky. They are thankfully not dupes, but they do look like a pretty gradient all together. 

CIA=Color Is Awesome vs OPI Ski Teal We Drop vs Painted Polish Tide Pool Teal
CIA on pointer and ring finger, Ski on middle finger, and PP on pinky. Ski has more blue in it, even though in the bottles they look very similar. I don't usually include indie polishes in my comparisons, but Tide Pool Teal was a limited edition shade from the summer so if you missed that one, CIA is a dupe. 

What polishes did you pick up from this collection? Let me know in the comments :)

Stay Sparkly,

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