Thursday, January 28, 2016

OPI Infinite Shine

**I found a few posts that I prepped last year before my 6 month hiatus, so I will be posting those manis this week. All of the mani's that I'll be posting have already been featured on my instagram.**

It's no secret that I'm a huge OPI fan, and while I usually can get a few days of wear with regular OPI I was very curious to try their new Infinite Shine line.  I picked up 2 shades and the base coat and top coat.

While these aren't gel polishes that need to be cured under a UV or LED light, I did decide to take advantage of the Los Angeles sunshine and sit outside after applying the top coat so that the sun could "cure" the polish and possibly extend the wear.

OPI We're In The Black- 2 coats- super opaque and creamy, the thickness of the polish did make clean up a little difficult so be careful with this one.  

 oops looks like I forgot to take a pic on day 3 :(

So as you can see, by day 4 I had some chips on my pointer finger.  I'm a jewelry designer and it causes a lot of polish and nail damage on my pointer finger- as you can see both corners actually broke- which I think caused the polish chipping. 

Overall I am super impressed by how well this wore.  I made jewelry, went to Disneyland, and worked 3 days at my real job at a school where I'm constantly cleaning and washing my hands. My only critique is that I didn't find this super shiny, I guess I've been spoiled by HKGirl top coat.  I did add nail art on day 2, but I didn't add any top coat so as to not change the wear time. 

Stay Sparkly,

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  1. Cute manicure! I love the mickey head shapes you created on the ring nail a lot.