Saturday, January 23, 2016

OPI Hello Kitty Collection

I picked up 4 of the polishes from the new OPI Hello Kitty Collection. I'm not the biggest pink or purple polish person so I found it easy to skip most of this collection. Of the 4 polishes I picked up, the colors may not be super exciting but the formulas are great! Also, I wanted to see how these polishes would water marble and I was pleasantly surprised by how amazing these did! This marble only took 1 try!! Here are my swatches and comparisons.

5 Apples Tall
I did 3 coats but you definitely do not need to. With careful application and thicker coats you could get this to be a 1 coaters.            

My Pal Joey
Again this is 3 coats, because that is how I always paint my nails. I'm so glad OPI is coming out with new blue creams this year! 

Lets Be Friends
Again 3 coats. For a polish with so much white in the base, it isn't goopy or particularly streaky. This is hands down my favorite from the collection. I love how feminine and clean it looks. 

Never Have Too Mani Friends!
Love this! This is 2 coats! Black nails are my go to mani if I'm lacking inspiration. I have OPI Lady In Black and the formula is kind of gummy... but the formula of NHTMF is so much better! I initially skipped this polish but I found it marked down 60% at a store that was closing so I had to snatch it up. While this black will probably not be my go to, it's pretty solid and I'm glad to have it. 

I chose to compare these polishes to existing OPIs in my collection.
5 Apples Tall is on my ring finger, Red Lights Ahead... Where? on my pointer ringer, Red My Fortune Cookie on my middle finger and Cajun Shrimp on my pinky.
Its hard to tell from the picture, but these do look more different in person. This is one of my favorite color families so I am always happy to add more to my collection, but you really don't need all of these colors as they are so similar. 

My Pal Joey on my pointer and pinky, Keeping Suzi At Bay on my middle finger and Ogre The Top Blue on my ring finger.
Clearly not dupes, but they were the closest options I had from OPI. I am curious to see how Joey compares to Rich Girls and Po Boys from the upcoming New Orleans collection.

Lets Be Friends on my middle and pinky, Mod About You on my pointer and ring finger.
I thought these would be more similar from the bottles but Friends is clearly much lighter. I always thought Mod About You was my ideal pale pink, but now that I have Friends, Mod seems so bright and not super flattering on me.