Wednesday, May 28, 2014

OPI Spring Comparisons

Just a warning, this is extremely picture heavy. If there are any additional comparisons please leave your request in the comments.  Without further ado…

OPI Amazon…Amazoff vs OPI Fly vs China Glaze Exotic Encounter
Fly on pointer finger, Exotic Encounter on ring finger, Amazon…Amazoff on middle and pinky fingers.
Fly is much lighter and more blue based, it is also a more jelly like formula.
EE is more grey based and lighter.

OPI Live, Love, Carnival vs Essie Sunday Funday vs China Glaze Flirty Tankini
OPI on middle and pinky, Essie on pointer, China Glaze on ring finger.
All 3 are similar tones but OPI is a pure creme, Essie is a glass fleck and ChG is a shimmer.
China Glaze is the lightest, Essie is in the middle and OPI is the darkest and brightest.

OPI Kiss Me I'm Brazilian vs OPI Suzi's Hungary Again
       pinky/middle                     ring/pointer
Suzi has a subtle silver shimmer while Kiss is a pure cream.
Suzi is a few shades darker, also has a more sheer formula requiring 3 coats for full coverage.  On me, I prefer Kiss.

OPI Red Hot Rio vs OPI Vodka and Caviar
       ring/pointer         pinky/middle
Both a jelly based formulas that take 3 coats for opacity. The first coat of each is decidedly pink toned, each additional coat deepens the red significantly.  To my eye, these are total dupes! As Vodka and Caviar was recently discontinued, I understand the need to dupe it.  At least they didn't dupe a currently existing polish.

OPI OPI Scores a Goal vs OPI Skyfall vs Chanel Accessoire
       pointer/ring                   middle             pinky
Skyfall is much more red based, where Goal is purple/burgundy based
Accessoire is darker, more vampy, and most opaque (this is one coat!!!) , it is easily my favorite of all 3.

OPI Toucan Do It If You Try vs Chanel Orange Fizz
pointer/ring                                    pinky/middle
Formula wise Chanel is much thinner/less opaque. On me orange fizz pulls slightly pinker and dustier.

And the odd man out, my sole purchase from the MLB collection
OPI Umpires Come Out At Night vs OPI Eurso Euro vs Dior Sailor vs Revlon Royal
        ring                                               middle                   pointer             pinky
In the bottle these all look very similar, but on the nail they are clearly not dupes.  Sailor is much brighter and bluer, Euro is much more purple toned. Umpires pulls more navy, while Royal is truly a deep royal blue. This is my favorite color palate to wear, so I am pleasantly surprised that none of these are dupes.

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