Sunday, September 9, 2018

OPI Peru Collection Fall 2018 Comparisons

As you saw in my previous post, this collection is not my favorite OPI has released lately, but as much as I was not interested in these colors I had a really hard time finding dupes.
If you missed my swatch post, you can find it here :)

Grandma Kissed a Gaucho (pointer/ring)vs Lost My Bikini in Molokini (pinky)vs Infinite Shine Grapely Admired (middle)
Obviously Molokini is not close at all. Gaucho is a crelly and is much warmer/more red toned of a purple. Grapely Admired is almost a dupe colorwise, it is slightly lighter and pinker. If you like colors like this, I would pick Grapely Admired over Gaucho due to the formula differences. I think this is probably pretty similar to some pre-existing OPI shades, but I don't own many of them because I am definitely not a purple polish person. This may also be close to I Manicure for Beads, but I no longer own that to compare.

Don't Toot My Flute (pointer/ring) vs Polly Want a Lacquer (middle/pinky)
These are similar in tone, but Flute is a tiny bit darker and more blue toned. I think this may also be similar to Do You Lilac It? but I don't own that to compare.

Lima Tell You About This Color (pointer/ring)vs Pink Ladies Rule The School (middle)vs Kiss Me I'm Brazilian (pinky)
Definitely not dupes. I think Lima could potentially be a dupe for Pink Friday from the Nicki Minaj collection from winter 2012. I also kind of feel like if you mixed Pink Ladies with Brazilian you would make Lima Tell You About This Color...

Lima Tell You About The Color (pointer)vs Suzi Will Quechua Later! (middle)vs
Seven Wonders of OPI (ring)vs  Somewhere Over the Rainbow Mountains (pinky)
I know these 4 aren't dupes, but since they are all in the same collection I wanted to see them directly compared to each other. I did 3 coats for all of these polishes, and I am glad to see they look more different on the nail than I expected. But real talk, I don't think I will keep any of these so check out my destash for these and more OPI and other brands.
Suzi Will Quechua Later may be close to Lucky Lucky Lavender and/or Purple Palazzo Pants, but I don't own that to compare. I also didn't have anything else that looked close to Seven Wonders of OPI and I couldn't think of a recent past OPI color that might be close to it. 

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Mountains (pointer/ring)vs Machu Peach-u (middle)
vs Don't Bossa Nova Me Around (pinky)
These are definitely not dupes. I found this color especially hard to dupe because I feel like it dries much darker and more purple toned on me than I expected it to. These polishes were less different in the bottle than they appear on the nail.

Machu Peach-u (middle) vs Climb Every Castle (pointer) vs
My Vampire is Buff (ring)vs Hopelessly Devoted to OPI (pinky)
I was honestly hoping this shade would be a dupe for Vampire as that has been my go to creamy nude polish for years and my bottle is very very low and kind of thick at this point, but these are definitely not dupes. None of these are dupes, but they were the potentially closest options in my collection. Seeing all of these next to each other, I actually like everything except for My Vampire is Buff. 

My Solar Clock is Ticking (pointer) vs I Love You Just Be-Cusco (middle)vs
Como se Llama? (ring)vs Yes My Condor Can-do! (pinky)
Again, I know these 4 aren't dupes, but as they are all new in this collection I wanted to see how they compare to each other. I did 3 coats of polish for all but Condor. I didn't have anything to compare with My Solar Clock is Ticking, but I think this may be close/dupes with Yank My Doodle from the Fall 2016 Washington DC/Kerry Washington collection. 

I Love You Just Be-Cusco (middle/pinky nails) vs Amore at the Grand Canal (pointer/ring nails)
These are really really really close, dare I say almost dupes on the nail.
Amore is slightly darker and more of a true red while Cusco is more dusty and brick toned.
Formula is really good on both. I think Cusco may also be close to Romantically Involved from the Winter 2012 50 Shades of Grey collection. 

Como se Llama? (middle/pinky nails) vs Can't Read Without My Lipstick (pointer/ring nails)
This color may be close/dupes with OPI Scores a Goal from the Spring/Summer 2014 Brazil collection but I do not own this anymore to compare the two. Lipstick is more berry toned than Llama, but they are decently close. Llama looks almost chocolate toned when shown directly next to this true deep berry red polish. 

Yes My Condor Can-do! (middle nail)vs Sleigh Parking Only (pointer nail)vs
Lincoln Park After Dark (ring nail)vs Guys and Galaxies (pinky nail)
Condor and Sleigh Parking are pretty much dupes, which is cool since Sleigh Parking is older and not easily accessible any longer. Galaxies is much more red toned rather than true deep/dusty purple where LPAD is more a blue toned dark purple comparatively.

Alpaca My Bags (pointer/ring)vs Ayahuasca Made Me Do It (middle/pinky)
I know Alpaca and Ayahuasca aren't dupes, but as they are both from this collection I wanted to compare them. I'm not sure if these are the most flattering colors on my, but they are 2 of my favorites from this collection. Both polishes have the same thin creme formula, I did 3 coats each for opacity. Even though the formula is thin it didn't pool and it self leveled really well.

If you are still interested in any of these polishes or anything else from please use my code "Sparkle & Polish" at check out so they know I sent you. 

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