Saturday, November 26, 2016

Zoya Finley and Merida

Zoya is a very underrepresented brand within my collection, but when I saw the stunning polishes in the Fall 2016 Urban Grunge collection I knew I had to have most of them.  Zoya had an amazing promo a few weeks ago where the 3 holo stunner shades were free with the purchase of $30 of other polishes. If you aren't already following Zoya on social media, you need to. They offer great promos like this all the time.
3 perfect, easy coats. If you do thicker coats than I do, this could for sure be a 2 coaters and possibly a 1 coater. I love this polish, there isn't much else to say. My only complaint is that it didn't wear very well on me, I had some significant chipping on both pointer nails by the end of the day. I have all of the other shades in this finish and I usually get better wear from them. 

Saved the best for last. I love love love green polish and this did not disappoint! The formula was flawless and this could easily be a 1 coater, but I am a habitual 3 coater. 

Dear Zoya, please make every single color in this scattered holo formula, preferable starting with a rich brick red or burgundy :)

Stay Sparkly,

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  1. Both of them look so good! There perfect for the holiday season too.