Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Chanel Sunrise Trip

Chanel is the polish line that started my obsession, so it is sad for me to post this but Chanel is changing their polish direction and I'm not loving it. They are discontinuing all Les Vernis polishes and coming out with a "gel-like" line instead... I'll reserve judgement until I try them but I'm not excited. They have also been releasing more jelly formula polishes lately which is my least favorite finish.

Here is Sunrise Trip. In all of the ads it looked like a fun, bright purple cream polish. Unfortunately it is a much darker jelly purple. While the formula is really great and glossy, I'm just not a fan. My swatch is without top coat so you can see just how glossy it is.
Pointer finger has 4 coats, middle finger has 3 coats, ring finger has 2 coats and pinky has 1. It isn't the sheerest jelly, but its a jelly none-the-less. 

What was the nail polish brand that started your obsession... I mean love... of polish?

Stay Sparkly,


  1. Nice deep dark jelly polish.

    1. thanks lisa! it has a great formula for a jelly, i just wish l liked jelly polishes :(