Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Maybelline Clearly Spotted

Finally this is mine!!! I went to literally 13 stores before I finally found this beauty! I have been lusting after black and white glitter for a while, but I absolutely hate bar glitter, so that eliminated majority of the mainstream brands. I actually debated picking up Hard Candy Black Tie Optional and removing as much bar glitter as I could by hand... but that seemed a little ridiculous haha.
Clearly Spotter is everything I have been hoping for, bold yet delicate. I can't wait to layer this over everything.
I layered this as a gradient over yesterdays holo glitter gradient tips. I love how the bits of holo glitter pop out from under the black and white.
Once again, this is going to be a little pic heavy. Obsessed with this mani!!

Hope you liked this as much as I do! Do you have a favorite black and white glitter? Any suggestions about what I should layer it over next?  Leave your suggestions in the comments :)

Stay Sparkly,

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